Saturday, June 18, 2011

Snuff: Fact or Fiction.

While I am no expert on these matters, I can say that though snuff films proper (i.e., porn movies in which one of the actors is killed as the finale) have been rumored to exist for decades, I have yet to hear of or see any real ones, nor do I know anyone who has or can say with certainty that they have seen a real one and with the advancements in movie making nowadays  it would be hard for the average viewer to tell a real one from a fake one. However, and I think many people can attest to this, video taped murders and suicides do exist and are readily available on the internet. The video of the “unknown Russian soldier” being beheaded by Chechnya rebels is quite real, so if you have seen it you can now say that you have seen an actual murder (and a very horrible one at that). The video of Budd Dwyers shooting himself at a press conference is also very real (and very horrible), as those here who have seen it can attest. And of course, we now are all aware of the tape of the monstrous Jihadists beheading of Nick Berg in Iraq. Short of seeing an actual murder in front of you, these videos are as real as it gets and they are truly horrifying, so I DO NOT suggest watching them if you have a weak stomach or are prone to depression or nightmares. They will ruin your week.
I do have to say that I am surprised at the naivety of some of the people, who are so shocked that such tapes are out there and that people are capable of such things. I’m not saying this to everyone of course. Just those who say they are shocked or surprised by any of this. I didn’t think one could be so naive in this day and age. As far as I know, people have been slaughtering each other with glee and just for kicks since the dawn of our existence on this lonely planet. Read some history folks, it’s all there. The Romans indulged the human appetite for murderous spectacles on a daily basis at one point in their history. Haven’t you “shocked” people seen Gladiator? They didn’t make that up out of thin air you know. Hell, haven’t any of you virginal folks ever heard of the Nazi’s for crying out loud? Some 50 million slaughtered in all sorts of gruesome ways in World War II alone? How about the Spanish Inquisition? The crusades in the Middle Ages? The genocides in Rwanda just a few short years ago. Public executions were entertainment in many places in the world for much of human history (they still are in some places). Dracula was based on a real Romanian Prince known as Vlad the Impaler, due to his penchant for impaling his Turkish prisoners of war on stakes, and placing their heads on pikes along the road to his castle as a warning. What about the genocides in Kosovo, in China, in Turkey, in the "good old" U.S. of A. (I refer to the American Indians). Hell, there has been mass sluaghter in just about every corner of the globe? This is human reality. Our world today is built on the corpses of yesterday’s billions. Sorry if this opens your eyes for the first time to the reality of human depravity, but I think it’s important to understand that the world can be a very dangerous and awful place, that people are capable of truly horrific crimes, because it shows us just why we need civil concepts like justice and culture, especially now when we are steadily on the course to World War III. Anyway, if you want some insight into why people do these things and enjoy watching them or at least are curious to see them, then read history and literature. There are no final answers my search for the truth about snuff films will continue and my findings published here